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Talent Acquisition & Human Capital Pros - Been There, Done That

At Human Design Consulting we understand that change is not always easy, nor is it often predictable. We’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to whatever change (good or bad) that comes their way. We are a group of women that all worked with one another at one point in our careers, all from different walks of life, all with varied skills and expertise. Collectively we are Human Design Consulting LLC., and we're a cohesive team specifically designed to address the shifting landscape before us all in business. 

Through our 22 years of experience in building out corporate teams for government contractors, non-profits, small/start-up businesses we've 'been there, and done that'. We have written the company handbooks, designed and implemented the people process, recruited team members, written IT 70 labor categories, verified clearances, etc. We are a product of our services; we walk the walk and talk the talk - taking our own advice. What we  have learned from our time supporting multiple successful organizations throughout our careers we want to share with you; to help you build a business with people and process that make life easier, and humans happier. 

Our team of human capital experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation. Or connect with our Founder, Caitlin Ruiz on LinkedIn here:

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