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What We Do (and Don't Do!)

Since Human Design Consulting LLC began in 2019, we’ve provided our services to a variety of businesses. On every project we undertake our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand their core business needs and goals. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.

Talent Acquisition/Recruiting

An Innovative Solution

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make the best hire for their team. That's where we come in!

Here's What We Offer:

1. Hourly and Surge Recruiting Support

2. RPO

3. Fee-Based/Contingent Search

4. Proposal Recruiting

5. Executive Search

We craft individualized search strategies specific to your unique needs. If you have vacancies that you're looking for help in filling - we'd love to help!

Latest Projects: Contract recruiting (proposal and surge support) for a mid-size Government Contractor in Tysons Corner.

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Business Team

Train Your Recruiters

A Story of Success

This is our absolute favorite thing to do! Sometimes businesses have exactly what they need (the right individuals onboard) and they just don't know it yet. We work directly with your talent acquisition team(s), including your hiring managers, to help them hit KPIs, reduce time to fill, increase candidate engagement and experience with your brand, as well as reduce turnover/attrition. We hold workshops that address the specific organizational challenges and goals you have, resulting in a major shift in efficiency and cross-functional understanding of how to get the desired results. Let us show you the way!

Project (July 2019): Held a workshop in Old Town Alexandria to train a team of three from a small eCommerce business in recruiting best practices and human resources strategies. Since the workshop all attendees have hit their company set KPIs and their HR metrics are reflective of a healthy workforce!

Organizational Change and Human Design

Creating Successful People Process In-House

Clients often approach Human Design Consulting with a general idea of what they need, HELP! When a business is evolving it's difficult to pin-point what one thing needs to be addressed. Truth is, most likely everything needs to be evaluated - does it still work for the business you have now (not the one you began with)? At the center of what we do is people processes. That is, business strategies supported by processes and technological systems that make sense. It is really that simple. Our consultants come in with their eyes wide open, seeking to evaluate the challenges, ascertain the goals, and construct a plan to get you there as painlessly as possible. 

Project (May 2019): Worked with a small electronics installation business in Leesburg that had grown organically over the last ten years and recently acquired two (2) other small businesses. Our project was multifaceted, we evaluated the redundancies (in systems, processes, and people), made three (3) hires , designed an HR department complete with career ladder/advancement roadmaps, and also worked with the acquired team members in implementing the strategies and systems for a smooth adoption. What a huge success story!  

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